About me Titov S.

About me Titov S.

Titov Sergei

Moscow, Russia

Year of birth: 1967


About me Titov S. post@titovsergei.ru

Financial and sales management, annual revenue of the enterprise more than 150 million rubles. Ensuring annual sales growth at +25%. Work as General manager in three companies.

Full CV on www.hh.ru - open in a new window.

Strategic and operational planning of the commercial Department, setting sales targets, monitoring their implementation, building an effective management system. Financial analyst. Control and reduction of receivables. Management of price and assortment policy of the organization. Negotiations with the first persons of the companies. Development and implementation of business processes.

Experience of CEO, commercial and sales Director for over 15 years. Increase company profitability and sales growth. Personal competencies: strategic and analytical thinking.  Operational management of the company (office, recruitment and dismissal of personnel, implementation of CRM), development and implementation of incentive programs. Subordinate more than 50 employees. "Trade and warehouse" 1C 7.0-8.0, the international currency payments (SWIFT, IBAN), the solution to the problems of "lost" payments in foreign banks

+ higher technical education of Moscow engineering physics Institute, diploma with honors, specialization «theory of management»
+ the financial management of company, International financial academy

+ financial management, budgeting sales, Fund RFP to the Department, the budget of advertising
+ reporting in the format of P&L (profit and loss), CashFlow (cash flows) consolidation of several firms
+ implementation of activities to reduce costs and increase profitability of the business
+ developing and drawing up of business-plans development (narrative and financial part)

+ 6-year-old work in the positions of CEO (two firms)
+ 5-year work experience in a International company (Finland)
+ willingness to assume responsibility for decisions
+ organization of effective interaction of structural subdivisions
+ development of algorithms of business-processes and enter them in the work of
+ experience excretion of the start-up to a point of break-even and profitability
+ management of  logistics and warehouse

+ work experience in sales in the different markets of more than 20 years
+ increased sales 10 times in 7 years (Finnish brand Cutrin for the period 2003-2009, professional cosmetics for beauty salons)
+ experience in building sales Department
+ experience in the development of sales in the limited budgets (start-up projects)
+ experience of the implementation of the CRM-system = control of sales managers
+ marketing: shares, advertising support
+ an experience of negotiations with the first persons of the companies

+ experience managing a team of 50 employees
+ audit of existing incentive schemes of the personnel, development and introduction of new schemes

+ good knowledge of Moscow city, experience of driving since 1991. international driver license
+ experience travel: China, Thailand, Indonesia, Greece, Germany, Poland, Finland, Sweden, is valid passport of the new sample
+ experience of work with large volumes of information
+ an experienced user of PC: 1C 8.0-8.2, CRM Quick Sales, MS Office (Excel - advanced level)

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Über mich Titov S.

Über mich Titov S.

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